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  • Happy Birthday Mr. Cunningham

    We are so in love with you Bill, we look for you in every front row and on every random NYC block.......

    Happy 84th Birthday!


    * if you dont know of his genius.....peep our Facebook page for a clip of a movie, check the Pinterest board, " We Love Bill" and a fabulous  NY Times article about Bill...by Bill!


  • Modern Easter Baskets

    Easter is in 19 days, and boy are we excited. Easter is great because of the dresses, brunches and of course the 'bonnets'; but the piece de resistance is the infamous Easter Basket. We love the modern take on the old tradition. Here are some cool ones...of course they are handmade...

    Miniature Acorn Cap Easter Basket with colored eggs

    These miniature acorn baskets are precious. The Little Hedgerow handcrafts each tiny basket and the polymer clay eggs! 

    Custom Wool Felt Easter Basket - Sweet Little Bunnies & Birdies

    These are perfect for the hunt; custom wool felted baskets by LIVbylouise

    Easter Basket Scrappy Clothesline Rope Bowl Hand Coiled Quilted

    The basket is the treat! This beautiful piece from Sally Manke is quilted from scrappy batik fabric and clothesline rope.

    Easter Basket With Eggs Dough Art

    Flour, salt and water never looked better. Vicki, of Let It Dough, masterfully manipulateds these common ingredients into works of art!

    Pink and Purple Coiled  Easter Basket with Handles by PrairieThreads

    This basket from Prairie Threads is quilted from eco friendly fibers, you know we like that!

    silhouette easter basket - burlap - bunny silhouette - white - natural - decoration - rabbit

    Jennifer Lyons, offers us a more subtle way to house our Easter goodies. These burlap cuties can be made with colored silhouettes.




  • Project Duct Tape

    I really like the unconventional challenges on Project Runway and last week did not disappoint. The designers were challenged with making a prom dress for high school students. The tape seemed to disappear as the designers cranked out beautiful creations. Make sure to visit our Facebook Page for a cool video on making a duct tape dress of your own; plus view the "Duct Down" pictorial on the IA Pinterest page to see other duct tape dresses. Here are a few looks from the latest PR show; 'A Sticky Situation' :

    Project Runway Season 11 Episode 7 Photos

    Project Runway Season 11 Episode 7 Photos

    Project Runway Season 11 Episode 7 Photos

    Project Runway Season 11 Episode 7 Photos

  • Independent [Local] Artist Spotlight

    One of the primary goals of the Independent Artisans Market is to increase the awareness of the handmade movement in the Fayetteville area. Since our first show we have met lots of Fayetteville artists that help bring a hometown feel to the wonderful regional diversity presented by our events.  Here's a look at one of the Fayettevillians.

    Melissa Brady of Sonshine Soaps is a local soapmaker, this is an excerpt from her bio:

    ...So began my journey into soapmaking. My first "batch" was 100% olive oil soap. It was soft and didn't turn out so great, but hey I did it an I was proud of that! So I began researching, making soap and tweaking the recipe. I sold my soap at work, craft fairs in fire halls and even at our local Dogwood Festival several years ago. But in any discipline, one can always get better. So I upped the ante. Now instead of using synthetic fragrance oils and colorants that are potentially allergens, I've developed unique essential oil blends. Essential oils are hailed for their therapeutic properties largely due to the fact that they are the very life blood of plants they are derived from. My soaps are colored using simple clays, cinnamon and even cocoa! I can't cure the world but I have created a wonderful product using the very best ingredients available.....

    For more information, contact Melissa at sonshine.soaps@yahoo.com

    For a cool video on soapmaking visit our facebook page, learn to make cupcake soaps!

    Check out a soapmaking pictorial, "Sweet Soaps" on the IAM Pinterest page.


  • Indie Fashion Focus-Runner Duck

    March Madness is quickly approaching! A loyal Carolina fan, I always look for unique ways to show my support without wearing a Tarheel shirt every day. I love these shirts from Etsy seller Matt Nicholson of Runner Duck Prints!!


    The first shirt makes me wanna buy a bicycle and follow "the path" of the Mountain Bike Kayak dude, check out a video on our Facebook Page...he is an awesome biker who reviews different bike trails and takes you along for the ride!. North Carolina has beautiful trails. Biking is great exercise, maybe he will inspire you as well!

  • Whateva Wednesday: The Shepard is my Fairy

    My obsession with secretly being a street artist continues... Today's post is all about another famous street artist Shepard Fairy. Responsible for the iconic Obama 'Hope' poster, Shepard Fairey is a clever tagger using codes and symbols within his works. Read the bio at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shepherd_Fairey

    Now let's see some work!

    For videos on Shepard's Fairy and Making your own stencils..visit & LIKE the IAM Facebook Page

    For a pictorial of the Shepard Fairey 'Obey' series follow the IAM Pinterest Boards

  • TV Tuesdays: All About Color

    If you are like me then you are a commercial lover. I appreciate masterfully created :30 clips designed to get my attention. I bow to the advertising minds at Target, they have an in-house marketing department and they are geniuses! I am always impressed by the crispness, style and wit of the campaigns....I wait every holiday for the Black Friday lady!  But the object of my obsesssion and this post is the "Color Changes Everything" campaign. Yep, y'know the one with the awesome acrobats and the beautiful spring colors. It's so clever and exciting! Plus the song, "Alouette", by the Delta Rhythm Boys(1958) is the perfect soundtrack for the spring 'transformation', "it's so franch"! This commercial makes me wanna go out and buy new linens, dishes, furniture, clothes, etc. for the season.....guess it works 'huh?

    Here's the commercial and a video of vintage clips of the Delta Rhythm Boys!

    *remember to scroll to the bottom for other cool links


    For Spring Decorating /Color videos, visit and LIKE the IAM Facebook page

    Check out the pictorial " Colors,Colors....Colors" to see unique items made with Pantone color cards, on the IAM Pinterest Board

  • Spring into Brunch

    The spring is the perfect season for the perfect meal....Brunch! I absolutely adore brunches! The combination of breakfast and lunch..my 2nd and 3rd favorites...brunch has always been my meal of choice. In 1895, Guy Beringer of Hunter's Weekly  describes this 'new' concept :

    Instead of England's early Sunday dinner, a postchurch ordeal of heavy meats and savory pies, why not a new meal, served around noon, that starts with tea or coffee, marmalade and other breakfast fixtures before moving along to the heavier fare? By eliminating the need to get up early on Sunday, brunch would make life brighter for Saturday-night carousers. It would promote human happiness in other ways as well. Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.- Guy Beringer, "Brunch: A Plea," Hunter's Weekly, 1895

    So...plan a brunch for your friends to celebrate spring, make it even cooler by adding some craftiness. 

    Check out this article from Smitten Kitchen " How to Host A Brunch (and still sleep in)", that sleeping in thing is important... she's got great tips.












    To see a fabulous DIY video on setting a Farmhouse Brunch visit & LIKE the IAM Facebook Page

    For decor, drinks and dishes, view the "A Beautiful Brunch" pictorial on the IAM Pinterest Boards

  • Egg Fancy

    Bored with the traditional egg decorating? Try some of these DIY projects that really dont use eggs, not real eggs anyway. Make your egg hunt memorable with creative 'fancy' eggs!

    *remember to check for cool links after pics*


                                Crystal Egg Geodes- Make these lovelies instead of traditional eggs

    Decoupage a styrofoam egg, faberge style


    Glittered Eggs


    For a Silk Tie Dye DIY video, visit & LIKE the IAM Facebook Page

    For more decorating ideas view the "Peter Cottontail Would Be Proud" pictorial on the IAM Pinterest Boards


  • Cool Handmade Supplier

    Today is usually the Cool Handmade Shop feature, but we are excited about our new sponsor so we decided to focus on the newest addition to the IAM family. Aleene's Dry Adhesives has partnered with the Independent Artisans Market and we are psyched to welcome the craft adhesive company. Aleene's has a website, ilovetocreate.com, that covers all of the company's brands. Aleene's is just one division of the company. There are four more divisions like Tulip and Duncan that offer fabric paints and ceramics supplies. If you are a crafter, you have probably used one or more of their products. Visit the ilovetocreate.com to get tips, tricks and fun projects for every skill level.  Thanks, Aleene's, we love to create too!

    * scroll to bottom for cool links!

    Make a flower from a soda can, watch this DIY video from Aleene's Adhesives, visit and LIKE the IAM Facebook Page

    Visit the IAM Pinterest Board 'We Love To Create' for a collection of projects from the ilovetocreate.com site. 

  • Indie Food Focus

    By C.Antionette

    Contributing Writer

    While attending CIAA in Charlotte North Carolina this past weekend I was able to find a little piece of Italy.  Napolitano's Mobile Lunch and Catering offered me Zeppolis and friendly service.  The warm fried cake sprinkled with powdered sugar was a delightful snack while in the chaotic streets. The warm friendly smile I encountered as I approached the red truck was a great addition to the warm moist bite size snack.    If you are ever in the Charlotte Metro or Union County area and see a big red truck STOP!!  and Treat Yourself  You’re Worth it!!!! FYI: I heard the fried green tomatoes are tasty as well.


  • Planes , Trains and ..Runways?

    Paris Fashion Week ends today and the Louis Vuitton show was a perfect ending. The clothes were a beautiful mix of colors and textures, sorta like a twenties inspired, baroque collection. I loved the looks, but the set and direction was absolutely fabulous! The models rode in on a large vintage train that docked in the middle of the runway! When deboarding the train to walk the runway, the models were met with their own 'porter' carrying beautiful Vuitton bags. Such a cool idea. It reminded me of the ingenius Chanel Spring/Summer couture show that was set in an airplane! I adore designers that put on an entertaining show while maintaining the focus of the collection. Tres Bon!

    Visit the IAM Facebook Page to see videos of the shows

    View the pictorial PFW, with looks from the French heavy hitters ( Chloe, Dior, etc.)

  • TV Tuesdays - Michael's Presents"Craft Masters"

    Michaels Launches "Craft Masters" Reality Show

    Web-based craft competition kicks off just in time for National Craft Month.

         With glue guns a-blazing, top crafters will face off to see who is selected as the first "Craft Master" in a new weekly craft competition Web series, "Craft Masters," created by Michaels, North America's largest arts and crafts specialty retailer. The series begins airing Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 7 p.m. CST at Michaels.com/craftmasters.

    Each week, three crafters compete to win a $500 Michaels gift card. The fun begins when contestants are each given a basket of mystery supplies, and the clock starts ticking as the crafters quickly plan their projects. After a mad dash through a Michaels store to snap up additional items needed for their creations, they head back into the crafting studio in a race against time to complete their projects. All the while, a panel of expert judges makes drop-in visits to see how the crafts are coming along.

    "Craft Masters is all about skill, speed and ingenuity," said Michaels Chief Marketing Officer Paula Puleo. "We have an incredibly gifted group of contestants, and they come up with some amazing projects - and some hilarious crafting disasters! It's fun, exciting and inspiring for our viewers, plus it's a great way to head into March, which is National Craft Month."

    When time runs out, the judges give their final critiques and select a winner. Judges include Michaels Creative Expert Jo Pearson, who stars in how-to craft webisodes on Michaels.com throughout the year and has designed thousands of projects for Michaels in her 25+ years with the company. Michaels Creative Director Michael Duncan, an avid crafter and painter, will also serve on the panel, and each week a guest judge will join Duncan and Pearson.

    The first season of Craft Masters will run for seven weeks.

    About MichaelsIrving, Texas-based Michaels Stores, Inc. is North America's largest specialty retailer of arts, crafts, framing, floral, wall decor and seasonal merchandise for the hobbyist and do-it-yourself home decorator. The company currently owns and operates more than 1,060 Michaels stores in 49 states and Canada, and 136 Aaron Brothers stores, and produces 10 exclusive private brands including Recollections, Studio Decor, Bead Landing, Creatology, Ashland, Celebrate It, Art Minds, Artist's Loft, Craft Smart and Loops & Threads. For more information visit www.Michaels.com

    View Episode One on the IAM Facebook Page!

  • Indie Markets/Events - Food Truck Farm Feast

    What a great idea food trucks and farm fresh ingredients! Chirba Chirba and Pie Pushers will be using meat and produce from Coon Rock Farm to make their signature dumplings and pizza. Rain or shine so throw on your galoshes and go!

    Sauteed Greens

    "I often make this versatile dish in big batches; tonight's side can become tomorrow's meat stuffing or quiche ingredient." —Jamie DeMent, Coon Rock Farm, Hillsborough, NC

    Read More http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2011/06/sauteed-greens#ixzz1o46Lx2GZ


    • 1 pound Swiss chard or other greens, such as kale
    • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
    • 3 minced garlic cloves
    • 1/4 cup finely chopped onion
    • Fresh lemon juice


    • Rinse greens. Drain and cut leaves and stems into 1/4"-1/2" strips and pieces.
    • In a large skillet, heat extra-virgin olive oil over medium heat. Add stems, garlic cloves, and onion and sauté until onion softens. Add the leaves and cook, stirring occasionally, until tender, about 5 minutes. Finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
      Courtesy of BonAppetit.com
      Pie Pushers

      Chirba Chirba

      Getting the farming bug? View a video on the IAM Facebook Page on "How to Plant a Vegetable Gardern"
      Summer is on the way and it's time for fresh fruits and veggies. For inspiration view the "Fresh from the Farm" Board on Pinterest.

  • Indie Food Focus

     Spring is steadily approaching and thoughts of ice cream trucks are starting to dance in my head. Today's Indie Food Focus highlights a family owned business in Mint Hill, NC that offers the solution to my need for summer (before spring)! Sticks and Cones is a delightful company that owns two novelty trucks to satisfy your frosty treat needs.  The Sticks Truck carries the best of your nostalgic ice cream bars like fudgesicles, and strawberry crunch bars. I don't know about you but memories of my childhood appear instantly when I take a bite of a superstar with 3 flavors! The Cones Truck the only one of its kind in NC, offers soft serve ice cream cones, floats (my fav) and sundaes. Now how cool is that? Be sure to check the links at the bottom to visit the Sticks and Cones website and find out more about Dave and Karen and their workers, umm sons Ben and Aaron ;)

    Visit the Sticks and Cones website 

    As usual, I have to look for my fellow vegans..for a vegan ice cream DIY video, visit and LIKE the  IAM Facebook Page

    To see delicious photos of ice cream, follow the "Ice Cream Dream" pictorial on the IAM Pinterest Boards

  • Independent Fashion - Prom Dresses

    Maybe I am a little old school but the prom dresses today are over the top. There is no more nice and sweet, all I see is hot and heavy. So I have found a few dresses from independent designers that pass my ok for prom "NIGHT" test. :)

    Alexandra King

    Leanimal by Leanne Marshall

    Are corsages still cool? I think so! View the "Cute Corsages" Board on Pinterest.

    Let's not forget the make up visit the IAM Facebook page for Prom Night Make Up Tutorials Part 1 & 2.

  • Invaded Space

    Today's 'Whateva' Wednesday' on the IAM Blog and now that the Basquiat Buddies series is over, I can continue introducing you guys to some of my favorite street artists.( i've mentioned before how i have a secret fantasy to be a 'tagger') Basquiat and his 'Buddies' were mostly street artists before they became popular gallery occupants. The modern street artists are all following in those footsteps. Here's a bio excerpt about Space Invader, a global 'tagger'.......

    Invader (born 1969) is a French urban artist who pastes up characters from and inspired by the Space Invaders  game, made up of small coloured square mosaic tiles that form a space invader character murel. He does this in cities across the world, then documents this as an "Invasion", with books and maps of where to find each invader.

    Invader is responsible for perhaps the most recognizable street art stunt of the last decade. In a planet-wide war of attrition, the pixilated expansionist aliens from Toshiro Nishikados infamous 1978 arcade game Space Invaders stalked the Earth one more, appearing everywhere from on the 'Hollywood letters to Jacques Chiracs lapel.

    *Remember to check below pics for cool links*

    Visit the Space Invaders website...one of the coolest I've seen...they actially have a map of the world that highlights where space has been 'invaded'!

    Visit the IAM Facebook Page to see an exclusive video of the mysterious artist

    Check out the pictorial "Invade My Space" on the IAM Pinterest Boards to see more 'invasions'

  • TV Tuesdays - Commercials

    Let's be honest, we like the shows but LOVE the commercials! Here are a few of our current faves and a few throwbacks! Enjoy!

    Most of us small business owners can not afford even a 10 sec commercial so we have to stick to social media for advertising. For a great video on social marketing Like IAM on Facebook.

    View the "Advertising Greats" Pinterest Board.

  • Cool Handmade Shop

    Today's Cool Handmade Shop comes to us from Charlotte , NC. Verebelle, a mix of her grandmother's names, is Amanda Aileen's handmade shop that offers upcycled vintage accessories, apparel and housewares.

    This bio is an excerpt from the Verebelle website:

    I had the fortune of growing up in the tiny, rural town of Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina. After studying art for two years, I received my bachelor's degree in English with a minor in creative writing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I worked for six years in marketing and public relations. The last several years of my professional career allowed me to see that bag of tricks wasn't for me, though I am grateful for the many lessons learned. So I picked up my paintbrushes and needle and thread once again and settled into a life that was just right for me. I now live happily ever after in Charlotte, North Carolina with my boyfriend-plus, Paul, and chihuahua, Lola. I am now a full-time maker, crafting away all the live long day! I also work a few hours each week at a local french bakery and walk dogs in my neighborhood. It's the life I always wanted!

    Amanda also sells vintage, for the links to her Etsy shops and other cool links scroll to the bottom of the pics!

    Verebelle website 

    Verebelle Etsy shop

    Verebelle's Attic Etsy shop (vintage)

    For the cutest and EASIEST tshirt DIY video visit and LIKE the IAM Facebook Page

    Speaking of tees..check out the vintage tee pictorial 'Timeless Tees'on the IAM Pinterest Boards

  • Indie Markets/Events - NoDa Charlotte

    NoDA is Charlotte's Historic Arts District and now the home to the City's best collection of galleries and performance venues; some of the funkiest full service restaurants including authentic Cajun cooking, Southwest cuisine, a Creative pizza eatery and more. 

    Check out Gallery Crawl twice a month to experience NoDa's unique street scene. Every 1st & 3rd Fridays throughout the year. From 6pm to 9:30pm. Or if you cannot make it to the Gallery Crawl please visit NoDa during regular business hours. Most Businesses open 7 days a week. 

    Soho's little sister is located in North Charlotte's historic mill village 2 miles from Uptown on North Davidson Street at 36th. 

    This weekends event include:

    SATISFACTION - The International Rolling Stones Show

    2/25/2012 @ 9pm

    Neighborhood Theatre

    GA Tickets $18 adv/$20 dos (DANCE FLOOR OPEN) Will Call: tba - Doors: 8:30pm - Showtime: 9pm - Openers: tba Age Restriction: None - All Ages Buy tickets online: www.neighborhoodtheatre.com

    SATISFACTION - The International Rolling Stones Show "SATISFACTION - The International Rolling Stones Show" is the international touring tribute show to the World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band.


    2/26/2012 @ 7:30pm

    Neighborhood Theatre

    GA Tickets $30 adv/$35 dos (SEATED SHOW) Will Call: tba - Doors: 6pm - Showtime: 7:30pm Age Restriction: None - All Ages Buy tickets online: www.neighborhoodtheatre.com

     TOMMY EMMANUEL no opener A household name in his native Australia, Tommy Emmanuel's career spans three decades and continues to intersect with some of the finest musicians in the world.

    For more info visit NoDa's website.

    Visit the IAM Facebook page for a quick tour of NoDa.

    For a pictorial on Cool Downtown People and Places visit the IAM Pinterest page.

  • Indie Food Focus

    Today's Food Focus takes us to Charlotte, NC to visit the Tin Kitchen; a mobile food truck that offers "freestyle" gourmet food to the Queen City. Davis Stuck (chef), serves breakfast and lunch items from a simple menu that features complex flavor combinations. Diners can get  ' Roasted Sweet Potato Hash', topped with a fried egg and chipolte aioli for 5 bucks! Tasty gourmet breakfast for a great price. Visit The Tin Kitchen's website to explore their wonderful selections...Drunken Chicken Tacos? ...you just have to go see that one for yourself, sounds yummy!

    *Remember to scroll to cool links after pics!!!

    Visit The Tin Kitchen's website for more info on locations and menu items

    Okay so I know that vegan tuna has nothing to do with this particular story, but...I miss tuna so much and I ran across this DIY video while in search of vegan tacos and I got so excited..........umm, visit and LIKE the IAM Facebook Page to view clip

    For a pictorial of vintage cake tins, 'Tin Cakes', follow the IAM Pinterest Boards

  • Independent Fashion - Olive Style - modern. vintage. pretty

    Spring is right around the corner and pretty dresses are a must. Olive Style has four collections that can help us find the perfect dress. 

    Olivestyle is made up of wonderful vintage inspired prints and textures. The collection 
    is perfect for the lady who likes a little whimsy to her wardrobe and has a love of timeless 
    classics that pay homage to yesteryear...

    Olive Social is the dress that is always modern and fun, the dress for a 
    wedding party or the dress for the social event of the season!

    An Olive ‘Little White Dress” is ideal for bridal showers, bridesmaid luncheons, rehearsal dinners, the honeymoon and the fun party dress for wedding receptions!

    Made in the U.S. with recycled fabrics, Olive Branch offers you sophisticated 
    styles while still being environmentally conscious. Dress them up for a party 
    or down for work, these silhouettes are very versatile. Olive Branch is also a great choice for your bridesmaid dresses! 

    To find out more about Olive Style visit their website.

    View the Spring Dresses pictorial on Pinterest.

  • Basquiat Buddies #3- Andy Warhol

    Today's Basquiat Buddy is probably Jean Michel Basquiat's most famous friend; Andy Warhol. Warhol's studio, The Factory, was a popular meeting place for the artists. writers, singers, etc. in NYC and quite possibly the place where Basquiat met all of the  'buddies' featured in this series.  Basquiat and Warhol had an extremely close friendship,devastated after Andy's death in 1987, Jean Michel died the next year. As I have said before, it's about the work not the words...for a complete bio of the 'King of Pop Art' visit the Warhol Foundation website. Warhol has tons of work but today I will just focus on works from the Basquiat and Warhol collabo show! I just love duets ;)

    *Don't miss cool links to related content after pics!

    Untitled (Heart Attack) 1984


    Basquiat v. Warhol

    Third Eye-1985

    To see an interview with Basquiat and Warhol, visit and LIKE the IAM Facebook Page

    To see a pictorial 'Warhol Wonderland',follow the IAM Pinterest Boards

  • TV Tuesdays - Handmade TV Merchandise

    Hello! It's TV Tuesdays. Today's post highlights TV themed handmade items. We really fall in love with those great characters that visit us weekly by the way of our favorite shows. I've listed some cool items from some great Etsy shops.

    Designs by Linda Nee Too   

    30 Rock Liz Lemon Card by Sweet Geek  

    Boardwalk Empire Nucky Thompson T Shirt by Culture Cloth Zinc

    Cookie Monster Hat by Isk3design

    Little Leno Polymer Clay Figurine by The Happy Acorn

    Happy Days Vinyl Record Bowl by Records and Stuff

    View the TV Tuesdays pictorial on Pinterest.

    For a walk down memory lane, view a Tribute to TV Shows of the 1980's on the IAM Facebook page.